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A Firm Helping You Find Solutions To Complex Probate Disputes

While probate litigation is similar to commercial litigation in many ways, the disputes tend to feel far more personal in nature. A dispute over a loved one’s estate or assets can expose old family grievances and conflicts, pitting relatives against one another during a time when they should be united in mutual support. Disagreements over money, family heirlooms and other assets can quickly become emotionally stressful and legally complex.

During a difficult time like this, an experienced attorney is an invaluable resource. If you are or will soon be involved in a litigated probate dispute, contact The Neville Law Firm in West Hartford, Connecticut. In addition to the 20 years of litigation experience I bring to each case, I also provide personalized attention, responsive service, and supportive representation.

Ready To Represent You In Nearly Any Disputed Probate Matter

The firm maintains a robust probate litigation practice representing clients in virtually all contested probate proceedings, including (but not limited to):

  • Will contests
  • Power of attorney accountings
  • Trust accountings
  • Breaches of fiduciary duties
  • Theft or conversion by fiduciaries
  • Conservatorships

I also have extensive experience in probate appeals to the Superior Courts and Appellate Courts. Potential clients include beneficiaries, fiduciaries, creditors, and family members.

Breaking Legal Ground In Connecticut

Some of my most notable accomplishments in this area relate to my experience representing family members and or/fiduciaries concerning financial exploitation of the elderly. For example, I represented family members and fiduciaries concerning another family member who converted assets from two elderly women and I recovered almost $2 million for the family. To my knowledge, that case was the first time the Connecticut prejudgment remedy statutes were successfully used in Probate Court. I also successfully persuaded the Connecticut Appellate Court to clearly establish the right of a creditor to conduct discovery to secure documents and information concerning the executor’s conduct relating to an estate.

How Can My Firm Help You? Contact Me To Discuss Your Needs.

The Neville Law Firm serves clients in West Hartford and the surrounding areas. If you need skilled representation in a litigated probate dispute, I invite you to discuss your needs with me during an initial consultation. To get started, you can fill out an online contact form or call 860-780-8859.